Video Walls

Video Wall SolutionsVideo walls are becoming one of the most effective ways to attract attention in public spaces. These clusters of flat-panel monitors tiled together are capable of displaying enormous amounts of data as a large image over several screens or as multiple sources of information on each screen. Traditionally used in emergency operations centers and command and control environments, video walls are now popping up everywhere—corporate reception areas, conference rooms, airports, healthcare facilities, retail stores, entertainment venues—and adding major impact to communication.

Today’s video walls are more affordable than you may think and can truly set your organization apart from the others. Engage—and impress—your customers, visitors and staff with an interactive, touchscreen video wall that can be customized to promote your company’s brand or service, or allow users to interact via their handheld device using video wall’s wireless device-engagement technology. Video walls can be configured for all of the above as well as displaying multiple sources of data, including streaming videos, weather, news, advertising, images and much more.

Trinity Video Communications can help select a technology that is right for you and recommend a content management system to organize all of your data. We can also configure a video wall to your specific requirements—mounted horizontally or vertically, as a square, rectangle or custom shape.